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24 March 2016

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If you have a problem with the approach to women and we wonder how to overcome shyness, it means that all of us in order. Shyness opposite sex is something normal and natural. Shyness is like a fear. It is a brave one who does not feel it, but one who is able to understand its causes and to operate effectively despite him.
24 March 2016

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Extroverted, almost demonic confidence in some men seem to be what helps them in gaining women. Often, however, it turns out that they fall into a vicious circle that completely forget that women do not expect, after all, that man was so all the time but only in a situation when really necessary. How do I learn appropriate behavior?
24 March 2016

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You do not have the experience with the girls and wondering how to make conversation with the girl was easy, nice and pleasant? Is it even possible? Is there an option to a date or even a simple collegial meeting ended up for you better than before?
24 March 2016

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The binding pair is a natural process. So mother nature has created us and, like many animals - no difference whether it's birds, reptiles and mammals - love, propagate, and jointly spend the rest of his life. It is also not a human idea attend dating. In the end, these two people socialize aims to test whether a partner to a common output suitable for common life.
24 March 2016

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How to make the first date belonged to a remarkably successful? No problem - just stick to a few basic principles and take the time to prepare. Of course you should not prepare dating from A to Z. They will not need us extras, script and list box. But what if there is no experience in dating?
24 March 2016

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The assumption is ideal date is not feasible. At least in theory it is. Why? Since this would require the weave of positive events over which we have no control absolutely, perfectly matched pairs and absolute knowledge about the needs and expectations of partner. So forget about the perfect date and a date's set up successful.
23 March 2016

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Dating! At this word everyone responds normally accelerated breath and heart palpitations. In fact, man is happy he would see a loved one, but is accompanied by something else. Yes, it probably needs to be stress. It can not be overcome in any way, nay, every minute before the meeting increases until it finally reaches its zenith when she becomes the door of the girl.