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A quick trip from London to Essex

England comprises not only London. It’s pretty obvious, but many tend to forget about it, especially because visiting the most prominent city of the country is quite easy, whereas discovering other areas may seem complicated.


However, the truth is quite the opposite. If you’d like to escape the noise of the city and find some interesting places in proximity of the capital, you can be sure that Essex can offer you something truly unforgettable, including not only dazzling VIP cheap escorts, but also plenty of sightseeing opportunities, not to mention local history.


First things first. Essex is located to the north of London, being a county of an exceptional tourism attractiveness. It means that plenty of people visit it every day in order to discover some popular, yet still very attractive places. It consist of 14 districts. Chelmsford is the county town of Essex.

Culture and landmarks

As a unique county, Essex has a long, intriguing and very interesting history. It has its unique coat of arms as well as an emblem, which is quite interesting as well. In other words, the county of Essex is distinguished by number of specific features; hence no wonder that there are so many interesting places located here, most of them can be visited in companionship of escorts in Essex, who you can meet through our escort agency.

Of course, there are plenty of landmarks as well. Among them there are buildings, structures and local facilities, which are widely-renown. The county is abundant with 14 000 listed buildings scattered around the area. Apart from that, about 1000 of them are listed as of Grade I or II. The oldest one, being one of the most important sights in the county, is the church of St Peter-on- the-Wall.

If you’re not into architecture, you can find number of other landmarks and places of interest scattered over the county. With an Essex escort visiting these places will be an amazing experience that you’ll never ever forget. Among others you can visit for instance the following places:

  • Maldon historic market town,
  • Brentwood Cathedral,
  • Colchester Zoo and Castle,
  • East Anglian Railway Museum.

Economy and transportation services

Many aren’t aware that industry in general is in fact rather limited here. It appears more frequently in the south part of the country, whereas in Essex and areas in proximity agriculture has been always more popular. However, there are some economically important parts of the country, such as the town of Harlow, which is a centre of electronic industry.

In terms of transportation, there’s the London Stansted Airport, which is well-renowned all over the world, because it serves plenty of destinations throughout the whole Europe. The railway as well as some other transportation solutions are also strongly developed, hence it’s not a problem to travel over the area, regardless of method.

Come here and see for yourself!

Regardless of whether you’re visiting the area for business or entertainment purposes, escorts in Essex will readily show you around and introduce you to some unique places that you wouldn’t be able to discover otherwise. This is one of the reasons why our escort agency has so many clients from all over the globe, who are satisfied with each girl and woman; thus often return for more.

As a result, we’re one of the most renowned agencies in the whole country. Our girls and women are aware how to prepare even in awkward or unusual situations. Thus, no matter what your wishes are, with an escort in Essex you’ll be able to fulfil them.