Dating! At this word everyone responds normally accelerated breath and heart palpitations. In fact, man is happy he would see a loved one, but is accompanied by something else. Yes, it probably needs to be stress. It can not be overcome in any way, nay, every minute before the meeting increases until it finally reaches its zenith when she becomes the door of the girl.

How escorts should be treated

A meeting with an escort

A meeting with an escort can be a very thrilling and pleasant experience. However, one must always remember about certain rules. In order to have a successful evening you have to treat your escort well. But what does that exactly mean? If you have never met with an escort, you might want to learn a few things about that.
br /> Basically, you should always remember to be respectful and tactful. That is one of the most important things. When an escort says that you wishes cannot be fulfilled, you should listen to her and do not argue. You can negotiate or try to convince her to your point of view, but as soon as she firmly says “no”, you must accept that as a fact.
br /> You should also always do not forget that you are meeting with a professional. The goal of both of you is to spent time in a pleasant way but do not treat your escort as a friend or your lover. Be kind, have fun with her and don’t be stressed, but remember you shouldn’t be too intimate and there are some boundaries you should not cross.
br /> For example, it is considered impolite to ask too personal questions. Escort’s private life is a separate world and inquiring about a boyfriend or previous clients will be indelicate and ill-mannered. Let her have her secrets. Talking directly about money may also be not met with approval (you can call it a gift, though). You should also not fall in love with an escort. As we have stressed it already, you meet with a professional.

And how should such a perfect date look like?

However, you meet with an escort to relax and have some fun together so you shouldn’t be too nervous and uptight. But to be successful and have a great time with an escort, there are a few other things you should know.

One of the things to remember when meeting an escort is that you should always be punctual. If you have to cancel the appointment or you will be late, let her know well in advance. That applies also to the end of the visit or a meeting. You shouldn’t overstay and if you want more time, stay only if the escort agrees. She can have a tight schedule, so you have to consider that she might not be able to say yes.

You should also pay before the meeting. When you are giving money to her in person and not through agency, you should have the amount ready. Leave it in an envelope in a visible place and do not even try to count it in front of her! You shouldn’t also try to renegotiate or barter if the price was set. You can, of course, ask for any additional services. But haggling is disrespectful. Asking for refunds is also wrong and ill-suited.

How to prepare for a meeting with an escort?

EWhen you meet with an escort, you should let things happen naturally. You shouldn’t rush. You should be careful and do not miss her cues. The escort will let you know when to progress and what tone to use. They are experienced and know how to treat men after all.

It will also be nice if you will make a little research about an escort. If that is possible check her reviews, her biography, tastes, etc. If she is independent, she might also want to do the same with you. Let her. You will both be able to come to the conclusion whether you suit yourselves and if the rendezvous will go well.

You can also come to her with a wine or any other gift. It will give you additional points so ask in advance what she likes. Taking an escort to a dinner may also be appropriate. After the meeting, if you are satisfied with her services, you should also consider tipping your escort. It might be quite important if you are planning to see the escort again. She will appreciate it.

How escorts should be treated ?

Remember also that you may spoil everything just by not taking care of your hygiene. Yes, you should come clean. If you have to, you might need to take a shower at her place – on hot days it might be quite reasonable. So shave yourself, clean your teeth, wash your private parts and put some clean cloths. Coming intoxicated with alcohol might also be inappropriate. Drinking a shot or a glass of wine for courage is not a bad idea. Whole bottle or a couple of beers will not be good. Act like a gentleman.

To sum it all up, always be respectful and courteous. Remember what you shouldn’t be doing and what you should. When you will hire escort’s services, you will meet a real person, another human being, which means you should regard her with dignity. You should both have some fun meeting together, even though escort is there for you and your enjoyment. And if you will remember about that, you might experience some really wild, unforgettable moments.